Why we won’t use card readers for LG polls – ODIEC

Introduction of Card Readers

By Yemisi Akinmameji

The introduction of card readers as part of our electoral reforms in 2015 is a welcome development.

“The card reader does certain important things, it recognizes the voter card, it recognizes the voter’s thumb print and brings out the details of the voter. The moment one votes, it sends the voter’s data to INEC.

“Hence, the card readers are programmed to identify each voter and to detect whether a particular voter card has been used to cast a vote or note.

“Once a card has been used, the card reader sends a piece of the information to INEC database indicating that such person has voted.

“Card readers are good but the question is how do we develop such a programme from the State Independent Electoral Commission when we do not have that database for voters in Ondo State.

“Although, card reader is good, it also has its shortcomings. When it was used in 2015, there were flaws but we also know that these shortcomings can be improved upon.