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State Government Use of TC chairmen unconstitutional

SIEC chairmen ... governors…Say: Use of TC chairmen unconstitutional, stifles dev

February 2016 

Worried by the several years of use of non democratically elected chairmen in the running of various local government areas, LGAs of the states in the country, the forum of State Independent Electoral Commissions of Nigeria, FOSIECON, has flayed the myopic interest and the impunity stance of the governors on the issue.

The forum which chided the governors in Kano, Kano state, North West Nigeria, during a three day conference said that the continuous use of non-elected people in running the LGAs has given rise to the underdevelopment and corruption which hold sway in the grassroots.

The states electoral umpires who berated the governor for deliberately disobeying the electoral act, opined that the country would have recorder meaningful development had the governors been obeying the constitution in this regard.

The conference which was attended by all the state chairmen of the state Independent Electoral Commissions, raised a communiqué, topmost was to urge the president, Muhammadu Buhari to prevail on the governors to guarantee independence to the third tier of government.

While describing caretaker committee as illegal and unconstitutional the forum stated that the governors are the cog in the wheel of the progress of the LGAs. It averred that apart from the political uncertainties which characterize the LGA administrations, credibility is most often than not scarified on the alter of political sympathy and empathy.

FOSIECON, who noted that the country’s constitution grants independence to the three tiers of government, wondered why the third tier of government is suffocating under the watchful eyes of the governors.

It therefore advised the president of the country to speedly put an end to the impunity by the governors by allowing the LGA system to experience true democracy.

The forum noted that with democratically elected administrations inchrage of the LGAs, political developments, empowerments, infrastructural advancement, political stability and peace will great pervade the atmospheres in the grassroots.

The electoral officers submitted that the country will not continue to promote unlawful acts and illegalities, even as they called on all relevant bodies to intervene in the matter.